Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby on the Way!

I am officially announcing the impending arrival of a third child to my husband and me. We are very excited. Saturday marks the end of my first trimester, so I thought I'd make some files that are pregnancy related and host a sale at the same time. Anyone purchasing files during my 13th week will receive 30% off their purchase order. My 13th week ends on Wednesday. So get your orders in via e-mail by midnight on Wednesday.

We found out I was pregnant on January 27th. Here's a file I made to commemorate that event.

Pregnancy Test
$1.25 - file price
$1.50 - die cut price

Then, on February 24th, we had our first ultrasound of the baby. Here's a file for that event.

$1.50 - file price
$2.00 - die cut price

Finally, I created some files that mark the trimesters and a profile of a pregnant woman. Notice that the belly of the mommy in the trimester titles grows as the trimesters increase.

Trimester Titles
$2.50 - file price
$2.00 each - die cut price

Pregnant Profile

$2.00 - file and die cut price

If you'd like to purchase these files or any of my other files, please e-mail me at

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sea World

I'm sorry I've been so absent in posting. Part of the reason is because my family took a trip to Florida. During that trip, we visited Sea World. Here are some files I created to compliment the pictures I took.

$1.50 - file and die cut price

Orca Tail
$1.00 - file and die cut price

Sea Lion
$1.50 - file and die cut price

Sea World Title

(free file with purchase of any file in this post)

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