Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Camping Series - Part 1

Our family loves to camp. We missed going last year, but have our trip booked already for this summer. I have many die cut files that are great for camping and outdoor layouts.

I used to think that the only way to camp was in a tent. However, anticipating a camping trip while pregnant brought us to the decision to buy a popup camper. I was glad we did. The last time I camped, I was 8 weeks away from delivering my third child.

Popup Camper
$2.25 - file price for both styles (Available in .KNK, .AI, .SVG, .GSD, .WPC)
$2.50 - die cut price for one camper, either style

$1.00 - file price (Available in .KNK, .AI, .SVG, .GSD, .WPC)
$1.50 - die cut price

My favorite thing to do while camping is kayaking or canoeing. We haven't done that since we've had children, but we're looking forward to the day when they're old enough to take out on the river.

$1.25 - file price (Available in .KNK, .AI, .SVG, .GSD, .WPC)
$1.75 - die cut price

As with any vacation, we're always taking lots of pictures.

$1.00 - file price (Available in .KNK, .AI, .SVG, .GSD, .WPC)
$1.00 - die cut price

If you'd like to purchase any of my files or die cuts, please e-mail me at

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